Tasty Snacks To Keep You Fuller For Longer

Don’t want to munch on a celery stick to tide your hunger over until dinner? Here are some snacks that taste delicious but will keep you fuller for longer.


Is there anything better than the smell and noise of popcorn being popped in the microwave? Make yourself a bag of popcorn, eat a few handfuls, and keep the rest in an airtight container for later. The fibre in popcorn will keep you full, keep your energy up and satisfy your belly.


Sweet Potato Fries

Fries as a healthy snack? Yep! Tackling the mid arvo munchies can be dangerous if you neglect your taste-buds. If you go for that celery stick and your taste-buds are not satisfied, you are more likely to go crazy in the kitchen and eat everything you can find! So whip up these easy healthy fries and avoid your inner hangry monster from coming alive.


Almond Butter

Ever eaten a teaspoon of Nutella straight out of the jar to have as a sweet treat? No, just us? Well how about you just do that with almond butter. Almond butter is made out of almonds blitzed into a spread, with just enough oil and slip to coat your tongue just like Nutella. Almonds are naturally high in fibre compared to other nuts and can help avoid the late afternoon munchies.

Hot Chocolate

Now, not any regular hot chocolate will keep you fuller for longer. However, a hot chocolate containing cacao will. Cacao will keep your belly full, which is why it is found many weight-loss products (pro tip!).


What's your favourite healthy snack? Leave them in the comments. We'd love to get some new mid-arvo snack ideas!


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