Tips To Keep Warm During Winter

With winter approaching, we've rounded up our top tips to keep warm. Please note that this article will be absolutely useless for people who deal with 'proper' winters. For us who have to deal with regular heat waves in Australia, 20°C is considered cold.

1. Wear thermal clothes.

Thermal shirts. Thermal socks. Not just to keep you warm during snowboarding or skiing.

2. Time your heater before you wake up.

Don't be afraid to leave your warm bed. Plug your heater into a timer. Start your timer for half an hour before you wake up to avoid waking up to the frigid winter weather.

3. Layer, layer, layer.

Rug up expertly. Layer leggings under jeans. This might sound constricting, but your jeans are already tight so there won't be much extra pressure. 

4. Choose your winter coat carefully. 

Cotton is made up of a fibre structure that doesn't wick away sweat and will become cold when damp. Polyester can help as a protective layer against the outside elements. Wool is great because it keeps you warm even when wet. Know your fabrics before you spend cash on a product that won't keep you toasty warm.

Have any other tips? Let us know down below!

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  • Sharni

    How have I just discovered you guys have a blog? This is amazing! (and so relatable for Noosa’s “winter”)!

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