5 Skincare Tips You Need This Winter

1. Layer oils with your everyday cream. Oils will moisturise the skin, with the added bonus of reducing scars and evening out your skin tone.

2. Add more moisture to your skin with face masks. There are lots of face masks out on the market today. Sheet masks with cartoon characters on them, face masks which bubble and expand on your face, and even 24k gold sheet masks. During winter you’ll want to go the moisturising route and pick hydrating masks. There are even overnight masks to help prevent the cold winter air drying out your skin!

3. For the regular person there are many places on our bodies that we’ll neglect to take care of. For example, your cuticles. There are so many creams on the market targeted at different areas that it can all seem unnecessary. How many creams are we actually supposed to buy? One for your face, body, feet, hands, cuticles.. it can all seem a bit excessive. So which one should you invest in during winter? All the suggested creams are great, but with your whole body rugged up during winter, our face and hands will be the ones most vulnerable to the environment. Invest in a good face cream and hand cream (and cuticle cream!) and you’ll avoid the temptation to pick at your flaking hang nails.

4. Don’t forget to still use sunscreen during winter. The sun may be hiding behind the grey clouds, but uv rays will still penetrate through. Prevention is key when it comes to ageing, and a great sunscreen will help prevent the visibility of wrinkles and fine lines.

5. Get your cacao fix in. Cacao has antioxidants which can help against disease, as well as premature ageing. Most importantly during winter, cacao will help provide hydration for your skin. Just another excuse to drink a cup of Damn Sugar hot chocolate, of course!


Have any other skincare tips?! Leave them in the comments below and help a sister out ;)


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  • Sharni

    You could also try blending a spoonful of coconut oil with a cup of your Damn Sugar hot chocolate. Moisturising from the inside!


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