Exercise For Lazy People

Exercising can be hard. It’s extremely rewarding once you’ve finished your workout and you’ve got all those endorphins rushing through your body, but what about beforehand? Here are some tips to get you going!

1. Bring a friend. Exercise can be boring and monotonous, and if you’re exercising by yourself it can be hard to stay accountable. It’s so easy to stay in bed an extra hour and say ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’, but when you have a friend who’s going through the same thing as you, you can turn it around and make it fun. Start a simple schedule that you both can follow. Encourage each other through text or send a message of motivation through snapchat. Exercising can be boring, but the company you keep can make it fun!

2. Reward yourself. Keeping up a schedule of exercise consistently can be difficult, but you know what’s not difficult? Rewarding yourself! So instead of rewarding yourself with a spare hour of watching the new Walking Dead or buying those pair of shoes you’ve been eyeing, write down a list of all your rewards, no matter how big or small, and reward yourself AFTER you’ve ticked off your exercise goals. It’s all about give and take - and discipline!

3. Start slow. For someone who’s never exercised, the thought of starting with P90X is horrifying. No thank you - we’d rather just sit and watch you struggle through your workout. Instead, ease into  your exercises. Go for a long walk that gets your heart rate going, journey on your local scenic bush walk, or beach walk. There’s plently of local paths and trails, you just have to google what’s close by to you!

4. See exercise as a positive, not a hindrance. Most of the time it’s all about mind over matter. Many activities are controlled by your thoughts. Questions of whether you’ll be able to succeed will halt you, and thoughts of enthusiasm will propel you. It’s amazing what reading an inspirational quote can do to your energy levels! So practice training your mind. Surround yourself with other people who think how you want to think, read articles about the benefits of different exercises or start off by simply thinking ‘I can’ instead of ‘I can’t’.

From one fellow lazy girl to the next, good luck and kick ass!

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