Essential Hot Chocolate Gadgets

We treat making hot chocolate as a sacred experience. But without a fancy coffee maker on hand, what other gadgets do you need to create the perfect hot chocolate that won’t break the bank?

Mini whisk

Say hello to your new trusty friend in the kitchen. We won’t lie, there is no practical improvement when using mini whisks (unless your using mini pots to heat up your hot chocolate). It’s just a fun gadget that makes the hot chocolate making experience *that* much more special. Hot chocolate is all about fun and whimsy, so if you can use a mini whisk, why not?




Pot with a spout

No more spilling half of your hot chocolate while pouring it into your mug over the kitchen sink. Thank you to the creators of pots with spouts for all the unspilt hot chocolate. A simple item that is more practical than exciting.

Perfectly sized mugs

The perfect mug has very specific dimensions and characteristics that defers from person to person. For me, my favourite mug is my Starbucks Osaka mug. It not only has the perfect dimensions (not too heavy and slightly oversized, because extra hot chocolate is never an issue), it holds memories of a special mum and daughter trip to a country abroad. So whichever mug you use, use one with great memories attached. Or make new memories with a chosen mug, as I’m sure you’ll only be making great memories with our hot chocolate.


Coffee plunger or milk frother

For all froth lovers out there, a coffee plunger is essential when making a perfect hot chocolate. Not only does it melt marshmallows into warm, sticky perfection, it adds a different textural dimension to the hot chocolate. Become the master of your own hot chocolate. Put your barista apron and hipster glasses on, because your hot chocolate could be mistaken for a professionally made one. 

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