5 Reasons Why Hot Chocolate Is Superior To Coffee

1. No coffee breath.
Not cute.
2. There’s no headaches or jitters involved.
First thing in the morning, can barely open my eyes and now I'm feeling shaky? One more reason not to be a morning person.
3. It’s not confusing to order.
As a non-coffee drinker, coffee variations can be intimidating. Everyone seems to be a coffee bean expert, and I'm scared to insult anyone with my limited knowledge.
4. Hot chocolate doesn’t make you go potty.
TMI? Well those well timed visits to the bathroom could be attributed to your morning coffee.
5. It’s chocolate. Enough said.
And if you don't like chocolate, you're probably on the wrong website.
For reference, this article is written in jest. Coffee and chocolate should not be pitted against each other. I just appreciate chocolate a tad more.

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